Wednesday, 1 October 2008

It sounds a soft knell to my blessed ears
If we are born STRANGERS on this blighted planet
What is of Relationships, then?
Is it but a myth? As it consoles us
STRANGER, what a mystical word!
The word that mocks at our entanglements
The word that challenges cockles of CONSCIENCE
STRANGER, what a pregnant word!
It has too many expressions in itself!
STRANGER, we are all strangers in this world
To one another, to each other among all of us
Alas! We know not the texture of our umbilical chord
Before knotting hands with all the STRANGERS
Am I stranger to mySELF?
Mother Nature alone disproves it
For, she has no strangers in her lap.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My Haikus
Squeeze a bee-hive; it cries in agony
-----------------------but oozes honey
Wring your beloved's heart; it snivels like a dove
-------------------------------------- but deluges love
But why are pleasure and pain sheathed together?
Lonely thoughts
hai all, this is Vasudev(adari srinivas, owner of this blog) from Brunei Darussalam. Im working as Lecturer in English and here in this blog I'd like to share my thoughts with like-minded as well as well wishers those who spare a minute to read and brood on lovely and noble things in nature. You will find some of my scribblings soon either in short(!) poems or serious short stories. I welcome sincere comments from all of you out there who are interested in the world of letters. I'd like to use this blog also to share our views and comments on emerging talent and budding writers in the market.
Happy reading