Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wah! Taj

Wah! Taj
(Lines written upon revisiting this monument with my beloved)

Here WE stand gawping at the Taj Mahal
The most valued gift to a beloved!
Awe of LOVE cast its spell on us
As WE stand in total admiration!
The four minarets verbalize the serenity
Enveloping the corpses of perpetuity
I gathered handful of Moon’s vivacity
And poured over ourselves….
Ablution of the soul....!!
It beat the joie de vivre of the Taj
But my beloved murmured
“What about my LOVE?”
“Hshshsh!! Taj is listening, Mumtaz envying”
But my beloved insisted
She wishes to surpass Mumtaz
The half-white radiance of the Taj
Murmured eternity into my ears
I smiled at my soul-mate
She realized herself…..
“Yes, Mumtaz’s love is ceaseless
I’m yet to devour LOVE”
We bade farewell to mighty embodiment
I heard Taj snickering behind us
As the doves and pigeons leaving it.
I told myself “Wah! Taj”